Federal Pump Corporation was formed in 1927 by a group of experienced, dedicated pump specialists. The market initially was geared towards the commercial heating industry in and around New York City. The pumps furnished then included condensate returns and boiler feed units purchased primarily by heating and mechanical contractors. As business flourished in the mid 1930's the original line was expanded to include end suction centrifugal pumps as well as sump and sewage lift stations. In 1948 the company moved into our present location which encompasses approximately 82,000 sq. ft., to facilitate our sales office as well as machining, welding, assembly, pattern design and service department.

We currently have 38 sales representatives in the continental U.S. and, although 7% of our sales are worldwide, we do not have any formal representation. The primary objective of federal pump is to provide the best possible equipment for the intended application, considering such factors as performance, efficiency, reliability, initial cost, operating cost, and maintenance cost.
We have earned a reputation for quality, good performance, and reliability of our product. Our sales and engineering personnel work with engineers and contractors to insure that the best available unit properly designed and applied is selected. For standard products or something a little out of the ordinary, we will provide application assistance and submit proposals for consideration.

While our present designs are the result of decades of development, our continuos consideration for design improvement is a priority. The accuracy of each pump assembly or component is maintained by stringent quality control standards. - Our personnel make every effort to insure that the high level of quality is maintained. From manufacturing drawings to finished products, federal pumps are designed, selected, and manufactured by a group of highly skilled specialists on whom we can rely.